Transgenerational healing addresses trauma passed down from generation to generation.
Without consciously realising it:
We re-experience our mother’s disappointments. We relive our father’s fear.
We copy the conflicts of our parents and grandparents’ relationships.

Feeling anxious? Blocked? Depressed?

Ever find yourself following self-destructive patterns which undermine your success and happiness but you are not sure why? You may benefit from a Family Constellation, which is a psychotherapy technique used in Transgenerational Healing.

Alyne D’Oliveira is a registered Counsellor and practitioner of Family Constellations based in South London working various parts of the UK and abroad.

About me

Alyne is a registered Psychotherapeutic Counsellor who has specialised in Inherited Family Trauma (aka Family Constellation) for over 5 years.

Her training began in her home country Brazil and then London (Centre for Systemic Constellations). She continued with more advanced training with Mark Wolynn based in the USA and Stephen Hausner in Germany.

She currently practices in London, heading up group constellations, lecturing to the public, and also providing private one-to-one sessions online worldwide for clients.

Alyne’s approach involves using the latest psychotherapy techniques to uncover the true root of people’s suffering. Often hidden or unconscious, she helps clients understand themselves better, unearth the misdirecting forces, and ultimately empowers them with techniques to overcome and move forward.

She lives with her husband and two children in Sevenoaks, UK.

Frequent Questions

How many sessions do I need to understand the origin of my problem?

Transgenerational Healing session takes place in a single session. Lasts usually for 1h 15 minutes to 1h 30 minutes.

Is Family Constellation the same as a Psychotherapy-Counselling session?

No. Family Constellation is a transgenerational therapeutic approach with roots in family systems therapy. It’s not the same as traditional psychotherapy.

While traditional therapies typically focus only on the client, Constellations works with a whole picture of the individual as part of a larger set of systems – family, community, ethnic group and so on.

It highlights invisible dynamics that often include previous generations or rejected elements. The session works like a laser beam to pinpoint exactly what’s blocking you from being happy, what is stealing your peace and disturbing your joy and wellbeing.What can I constellate?

What can I constellate?

You can constellate any difficult issue. These include:

  • Relationship difficulties between partners, parents and children.
  • Loneliness and other behavioural and emotional patterns.
  • Lingering grief.
  • Adoption, abortion and miscarriage.
  • Illness accidents and trauma.
  • Addictions and obsessions.
  • Family secrets and ruptures.
  • Same sex relationship.
  • Divorce and separation.
  • Issues around personal direction career or relationships.

Who Else Benefits from Family Constellations?
Family Constellation has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness, lifting also the burden on our children who are the first to carry destructive familial patterns of depression, guilt, anxiety and even illness.

Bonded by deep love, a child will often sacrifice his own best interests in a vain attempt to ease the suffering of a parent or even distant relatives.

Transgenerational healing allow us to break these patterns and move forward by clearing away loyalty to pain and unconscious fear of happiness so that we can live healthier and more fulfilled lives.

Is Family constellation to do with astrology?

No. The German term “Familienaufstellung”, was incorrectly translated by non-German speaking countries.

Its actual translation to English is “family positioning”. It’s used as a psychotherapy diagnostic tool that reveals what is out of position / out of order in the family system and what needs attention.

What are constellations for?

Constellations are typically used as a diagnostic tool that reveals hidden forces and what needs our attention. You can use constellations to explore:

– Deeply embedded personal issues that seem resistant to change.
– To assist you when you are confronted with difficult choices that can be around personal direction, career or relationship. It can help you with this decision-making process by giving you the unique opportunity to observe representatives actually embodying the choice in question.

This can offer insight and shed light on important crossroads in your life. There are three possible types of outcomes:

Diagnosing: What are the relevant and hidden forces acting on my difficulty?
Acknowledging: What is involved in embodying the images shown in the constellation?
Predicting: What is the likely impact of my choice?
In a moment of insight, a new life course can be set in motion. The results can be life-changing.

Is it possible to do constellation online?

Yes, the session can be done online with Skype or Zoom, with figures and objects representing members of the family system.

What happens if I don’t know much about my family?

You may need to do little research by asking your parents or other family members.

Don’t worry if there are answers you can’t get. What you already know will be enough.

Does my family have to come to the workshop?

No, because the representatives stand in representing your family members.

What Clients Say

– Jane’s Testimonial

– Becky’s Testimonial

– Catalina’s Testimonial

– Hanna’s Testimonial

“Really interesting workshop. I had no expectations and was really looking to see what other healing options were about. It’s certainly not for that faint-hearted and I left feeling emotionally drained, so if you’re thinking of going – be prepared! But overall a great alternative to the norm of group therapy. ”

– Paul Hutchings

“It was a real pleasure meeting you in last Saturday’s workshop. It was quite an experience. It really helped me to understand the reason that my mother and my father were the way they were. It was so clear not only when I did my own constellation, but when I saw the pain of other people that were on similar situation like my parents. I felt that any judgement that I still had for my own parents was lifted as well as judgement for myself and some other people. I feel much lighter now. Thank you so much for your work, love and energy.”

– Louise White

“I had such interesting and enriching experience. Alyne is very kind and gentle when working with clients. I highly recommend her work to anyone who wants to do deep healing work.”

– Silvana M. Munari