Before-session research

It’s important to consider some family history questions before we work together. You can carry out your research by asking your parents or other family members. There will be answers you won’t be able to find, but don’t worry. What you already know will be enough for our session.

  • Did someone in your family die young, in childbirth, in battle, by suicide or any other tragic circumstance?
  • Who left? Who was abandoned, isolated or excluded from the family?
  • Who had a difficult fate that made them “outsiders”- Eg: were they handicapped, embarrassed, immigrants, homosexual, born outside marriage, unmarried, imprisoned or institutionalized due to mental illness?
  • Who had a stillbirth, miscarriage or abortion?
  • Did your mother lose a child before or after you were born? A late-term miscarriage? Death or gave away a child
  • Did something traumatic happen while your mother was pregnant with you? Was she highly depressed, anxious or stressed?
  • Was there an uncertainty that your parents would stay together while your mother was pregnant with you? Violence? Arguing? Separating? Drinking? Cheating?
  • Did your parents or grandparents had a significant relationship prior to getting married? Engagements, partners, lovers? What happened?
  • Did someone commit a crime? Who was murdered? Who was wrongly accused?
  • Who hurt, cheated, or profited from another’s loss?
  • Was your relationship with your parents severely impacted in some way, where you were separated from your mother after birth (Eg: maybe you spent time in an incubator)? Or either you or your mother need to be hospitalized and forced to be apart?
  • Were you apart from your parents during childhood? Eg: sent away to stay with relatives or grandparents?
  • Was anyone forced to leave their home or homeland?
  • Did anyone in the family have parents of two nationalities?

With these questions answered, you’re ready to sign up for a private session or a workshop as an Issue Holder.